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26 May 2010 / Destination Villas

Discovering the island National Park of Asinara in Sardinia

Sardinia, synonymous with white beaches and clear blue sea. But reducing Sardinia only to this stereotype would be unjust.

Sardinia is in fact a real world apart, offering endless opportunities for diversion and that is offered completely for every type of tourist.

For example, if you want to escape the ‘monotony’ of the sun and sand seaside holiday, and maybe if you’re staying in one of the many villas in Stintino, you could spend a day exploring the National Park of the Asinara island.

The National Park of the Asinara island is fairly recent, having been established only in 1997. The island of Asinara was for nearly a century home to one of Italy’s most famous prison, and thanks to its status as “prison island” was saved by the boom in tourism that – for better or for worse – has transformed, for example, the island of La Maddalena, even though it is true that man’s presence has transformed the area, so one of the objectives of the Park is the recovery of the original flora and fauna of the island, for example, the original White Donkey (or Albine Donkey) of which only 120 specimens survived.

Asinara is semiarid, an island where it rains very little and is beaten by the West wind and the Mistral. A place that offers magical views, in which the stone punctuated by green Mediterranean vegetation is reflected in its turquoise waters.If you visit the island for the first time, it’s best to rely on a one of the many organized tours that are offered. The group visits aboard the train or bus are recommended to get an overview of the island.

If instead you want to make a more detailed visit, you should use an SUV.

Instead, if you have already have visited the park, we advise you to live it with freedom, by bicycle or on foot trekking the trails. You can also explore the island on horseback. And, of course, you can spend the day exploring the villages on the island and / or exploiting the beauty of its beaches.

The sea, then, offers further opportunities for diversion: trips with the fishermen, diving or exploring the coves with a private sailboat.

For more information please visit the official website of the Asinara Park.


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