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9 June 2010 / Destination Villas

Idea for an excursion between Stintino and Alghero

The crystal sea of StintinoThe beauty of Sardinia is the incredible diversity of the island itself and the thousands of different diversion opportunities it offers. So when you spend a holiday in Sardinia, is a sin to merely stop inside the gilded confines of the resort or city to the sea where you are staying.

Indeed! In our opinion the best way to discover Sardinia is to explore it by car (your own or an rented one).

A day of history and sea (with an appetizing final).

The itinerary that I suggest to you today will lead you to a some sort of time travel. From the depths of the Neolithic, through the lesser known recent history of Sardinia, until the touristic present.

Tip: to easily visit the places that I suggest is better wake up not too late. Although the distances in km are not that large, it is better to travel slowly from place to place of the map of Sardinia in order to appreciate the incredible views that this region offers.

Stintino and Alghero are only 55 km far, but might not exist two Sardinias so different. If Stintino falls partlyNecropolis of Anghelu Ruiu Alghero Sardinina within the parameters of classical tourism Sardinia, Alghero is a world apart. This is due its history and its traditions. In fact, Alghero is a Catalan oasis in Italian territory. And the Catalan heritage is still very present, beginning with its language, that is a variant of Catalan.

But this itinerary does not include a visit to Alghero (it would need at least an entire day to visit it), but its surroundings. Near Alghero, in fact, there are many historical and architectural treasures of Sardinia.

The necropolis of Anghelu Ruiu is certainly one of these treasures. Sited not far from Alghero, this necropolis discovered in 1903 dates back to Neolithic times. It is a true system of catacombs richly decorated. Although the original archaeological finds are now at the archaeological

The ghost mining city of Argentiera in Sardinia

museum of Sassari, just one km from the cemetery you can see some great replicas at the Museum and Estate Winery down the road to Porto Torres.

On the coast and midway between Alghero and Stintino, there is Argentiera, an ancient and abandoned mining city. Since the Roman times until 1963, when the mine ran out, here mined silver. Since then the city was abandoned and everything from homes to the mines, from the chapel to offices remained intact as if the people who lived and worked there disappeared in question of few minutes. It is a disturbing experience and able to give chills down my spine even in full sun.

To recover yourself, you can decide to end the day relaxing on the white sand beach of La Pelosa near Stintino. The places is plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can end the day having dinner watching the sunset.

La Pelosa beach at Stintino Sardinia


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