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18 June 2010 / Destination Villas

Sardinia. Why is it so different.

It’s an hard question, but i will try to offer you an exhaustively reply. First of all it’s an island politically part of Italy but totally different if we compare history, cultures, languages, food and wine traditions.

Located in the middle of Mediterranean sea, it’s the second largest island after Sicily. It has been dominated from centuries by different conquerors such as Phoenicians, Romans, Spanish, Catalans, Pisans, Moors, Piedmontese, but has also developed an autochthonous civilization named Nuraghic era, dated back 3.000 years b.c., and for many aspects still mysterious.

Sardinian history is for this reason extremely complicated and hard to explain, but makes this island so different creating a fascinating mixture between different cultures. When you travel it around you can easily get different feelings, watching local architecture, tasting food, listening to local languages. This feature make it a never boring place to visit. Sometimes you may drive for a few kilometres and discover a totally different world. That’s why we Sardinians consider it as a small continent and not just an island.

Men have done only a part of the work, nature has done all the rest. Sardinia has a unique environment that is result of a millenary erosion of its mainland caused by sea currents and winds. Crystal seas, sandy dunes, cliffs, sandy coves, uninhabited archipelagos, are the best features of a spectacular coastline. A lush vegetation, valleys, rivers, lakes, caves, and rocky hills make the Sardinian inland equally interesting.

An ideal tour of Sardinia starts from the coast in order to enjoy its beach life, from the end of April to half October, and continue visiting the inland. Moving from north to south it’s possible to discover totally different places, cultures, food and wine traditions, UNESCO world heritage sites.

Sardinia offers several kind of accommodations that meet the needs of different customers such as hotels that may be family-run, charming or luxury, basic or luxury villas, holiday homes, apartments. A full range of accommodations that will allow you to manage your stay in a comfortably way and to plan your self-drive or guided vacation in Sardinia.


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